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Wedding at Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware |

Alexis and Greg's wedding could not have started out with more obstacles. First, Greg's father had been battling cancer for some time and they made the last minute decision to have a friend fly in from California to sit with him, instead of having him attend. It just would have been too much for him to do. Heart broken Alexis and Greg, kept their heads up and knew that going through with the day is what his dad would have wanted. To add more to the mix, a hurricane coming up the coast, luckily turned into a tropical storm, but still not ideal for their outside ceremony. Once again, Alexis and Greg made the choice to keep their heads up and moved the ceremony inside. If life and marriage is about adapting to circumstances, Alexis and Greg from day one, have already learned and mastered how to concur any storms ( Literally storms ) life will throw at them together. These two amaze me and their strength and love for one another. They truly danced into marriage that day and I wish them so much love and happiness. Congratulations once again Alexis and Greg!!!!

Bride and Bridesmaids cheers in front of a fireplace with a beautiful chandelier above.

Bride with brown hair, looking up at her wedding dress in a gorgeous old manor, with a beautiful Chandelier above.

Wide shot of Bride in robe before putting on her dress looking out a window with her dress hanging in the background.

Bride hugging her mom after putting on her dress.

Bride reaching down to put on her shoes, sitting in a white chair in Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Bride looking out window, with her veil wrapped around her and the light shining in on her face. A wedding at  Bellevue Hall, Wilmington, Delaware

A bride in her dress, holding her bouquet, standing in front of a fire place at Bellevue Hall in Wilmington, Delaware.

A bride holding back white sheer curtains in her dress with her veil at Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Groom getting ready and buttoning his wrist buttons at Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware

Groom all ready to get married, looking out the window at Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Wedding party standing in a line out front of at Bellevue Hall, in Wilmington, Delaware, Bridesmaids are wearing silk warm dark pink dresses and the groom and groomsmen are wearing black tux's with a black bow tie.