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Jenifer is a top rated Destination Wedding Photographer, based in Delaware and serving locations worldwide. Drawing from her years of experience. She creates beautiful artwork that is purposeful, intentional and unmistakably meaningful. 


I am Jeny and I have a love for medium format cameras, Nikon, natural light and incredible people and scenery. I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was a little girl, and while my path to weddings was unexpected, in retrospect it seems meant to be. I received my bachelors degree in Anthropology and History, which started my love affair with time and photography. I think photography is one of the best ways to tell epic stories that will far outlive me, a window into the past for future generations to cherish. I found my passion in documenting weddings by complete chance. A dear friend of mine, who I would often help out with her wedding planning business, had a wedding where the photographer canceled on them the day of. She frantically called me to come and capture this couple's wedding.  Before this call I mainly captured family sessions and small events for friends and family. Well that day changed my life. It rained harder than you could imagine, the entire wedding was under a white tent, the ceremony was to be outside, the wind was intense and they now had a last minute photographer who has never shot a wedding before…… basically worst case scenario.

My Approach

I always start a session with just talking and laughter. Why? Because, the more relaxed you become, the more your own personalities shine out. I won't put you in stiff awkward poses. I will help direct the both of you to capture the best light and your true personalities. My goal is to always document your love in the most authentic way possible. 

I do not fall in any one particular aesthetic genre of wedding photography, I’m not a strict fine art photographer and I’m not a strict photojournalist. 



 Well, I LOVED IT. Every second of the crazy was amazing and the photos were incredible. Ten years and almost 500 weddings later, it is a wedding I still hold close to my heart, it forever changed me. 

I love love love my job. I love the amazing people I meet and the amazing places I get to see. This job is truly a gift and a great responsibility. I truly am honored and humbled still to this day when someone chooses me to capture their special day. 

When I am not out shooting, you can find me at home with my cutie pie hubby Joseph, our wild and crazy two kids, Winnie and Joey, and their partners in crime, our fur babies Bohemia Bay and Chasey Mutley…. Yup, they have middle names too and their photos are plastered on the wall right next to our kids! My other love affair is Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, as well as all my home improvement projects. I can basically build you a house, but refuse to learn electric and plumbing, that you will have to find on your own LOL.


I will clean up your getting ready suite. I will move a flower to shoot it from the best angle. I will move you into the best light while you put on your wedding dress and scout the best location for your first look. I will not take a photograph that feels inauthentic to the spirit of the day. I will not pose you in a way you feel uncomfortable or fake. I will find luminous light, a beautiful setting and art direct the scene while letting the magic unfold in front of my lens. I may tweak the way you are standing with the intention of always making you look your best, a bend of a leg here or an extension of an arm there, but always subtly without taking you out of the moment. 


Meet the Team

"Our intention as your photographer, is to go beyond simply taking photographs of what your wedding day looks like, but what it feels like."


Lindsey Gaspero

Lindsey loves all different aspects of the art of photography and you can usually find her dabbling away in it anyway she can. Lindsey is a lover of nature and macro photography. She attempts to take majority of her photographs using natural light. Her style is very on-the-go and less focused on formality and more on capturing organic photos of people interacting with nature and the world around them. 

Lindsey is truly so much fun to work with. She has the most incredible way of seeing beauty where most people would not. Her shots are creative and innovating. Sometimes the side of an old building or little broken acorns can make for some gorgeous photos, you just have to have someone to see the beauty in the less obvious. 

Lindsey is also a wife and Mama to an awesome 12 year old little girl and identical 10 year old triplet boys. So, she tends to be that annoying parent always with a camera in hand. Lindsey has always loved photography and feels incomplete without her camera in hand, 

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Chris Perscky

There is something magical about capturing the unexpected moments and reactions that make each couple’s wedding unique. For me the candid moments of the wedding day are the most important images I can take, so I am constantly on the lookout. I’m a go with the flow kind of person – which explains my love for spontaneous trips and the excitement of weddings. I’m energized by meeting new people, so please say hello! I love to dance and have a good time (seriously, I WILL be out there on the dance floor with you).

Brittany Battaglia

From a young age, Brittany has always had a passion for photography. She boughther first camera in high school and has been documenting life ever since! Britt loves to find the beauty in the ordinary. You can often find her capturing breathtaking landscape shots, specifically sunrises and sunsets.  Brittany has never been a fan of the formal side of life and it shows in her photos. Her portfolio is full of joyful spontaneous images and snapshot moments full of emotion. Whenever she shoots a wedding with us, we can always trust that she'll find authentic moments that truly showcase how happy our couples and families are. When Brittany isn't working her full-time job in finance or shooting weddings with us, she loves to travel with her little pup Stevie, capturing photos of whatever beauty comes their way.

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Elise Salas

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