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Dimitri & Stavroula

Where do I begin....... This wedding was, grand, gorgeous and magazine worthy! I truly truly adore these two. If you saw them together your heart would melt as mine did, every time they were near one another. If your a believer in soul mates, these two are certainly made for one another. We started the day off at the Kotrotsios home, oh my do I love getting ready photos, especially when lighting is just perfect and the bride loves photos as much as I do.

I as well, come from a family of three girls, so these photos, of Stavi, her sister's and her gorgeous mom, are so dear to my heart. When she walked down to see her father, I had to hold back the tears! I loved how close her and her father are and the pride gushing from her father's face, it was priceless. Again, this is why I love getting ready photos, the raw emotions that come from the hour or two before you walk down the aisle, are so real and beautiful. There is just nothing else like it :)

The traditional Greek Orthodox wedding was, as well just as perfect. I am struggling for words, because perfection was the word to simply sum up the whole day. They drove off together, Husband and Wife, in a white vintage Rolls Royce. The last photo was taken as I was driving in my car behind them, probably not the safest thing I have ever attempted, but anything for the perfect shot :)

For the Wedding Party Photos we stopped by Princeton University.

On to the Beautiful Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Wow, what a impressive venue and stunning wedding. Everything was lavishly decorated, I could write an entire blog post on just the reception alone, it was like a dream.

The First dance.......

Parent dances always bring some tears to my eyes.

The Dancing........ Oh the Dancing! I could not get enough of the fun traditional Greek dances. I felt Greek for the night and boy it was a blast. They danced to the early morning hours. They truly Danced the night away!

The Details............

Cutting that breath taking grand gorgeous cake!

What an affair to remember!! Here are just a few more, because there are just so many amazing photos too show!!

Photography: JFS Photography Design with Yannis Malevitis of YMvisuals

Make-Up Artist: Jennifer Kochenour of JKo Beauty

Reception Venue: Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, New Jersey

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