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Jack and Stephanie's Wilmington Winter Wonderland Engagement

Last weekend, amidst the cold and snowy weather, Jack and Stephanie embarked on a magical journey to capture their love in a winter engagement session that truly reflected their life together and chose locations that held sentimental value to them. The adventure began at their favorite local coffee shop, Scout, in Wilmington, Delaware, which is just stone's throw away from their home and their favorite special spot. The charming setting provided a perfect backdrop for capturing moments that spoke volumes about their relationship. In a world where daily life isn't always adorned with formal attire and glamorous gowns and makeup, an engagement session can become a canvas for couples to express their true selves. Stephanie and Jack seized this opportunity to showcase the beauty of their everyday lives, opting for authenticity over staged perfection. As they strolled down the familiar streets they tread daily, the snowy winter scenery added a magical touch to their love story.

The journey continued and as we stepped outside into the freezing cold winter's air, we walked the streets of their neighborhood. I LOVE city sessions, so despite my finger's freezing, I was in heaven capturing this!!

We concluded the session at their favorite park, accompanied by their sweet pup, Maya. Despite the freezing temperatures and Maya's excitement bordering on a panic attack from the desire to play with every dog in sight, She was so excited to be in the mix and so was I, she was pretty much the star of the show. This winter engagement session was more than just a photoshoot; it was an extraordinary day filled with love, laughter, and the genuine bond that Jack and Stephanie share and I eagerly anticipate their special day!!!!!

@Scoutcafe Wilmington Delaware Engagement Session. Captured by Delaware Wedding Photographer Jenifer Santo.

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