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Greenville Country Club Wedding in Wilmington, Delaware

Greenville Country Club Wedding

Lexi and Joe's love story culminated in a breathtaking November wedding at the stunning Greenville Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware. The day was nothing short of perfection, capturing the essence of love, laughter, and the beauty of fall. From the moment Lexi walked down the aisle to the exchange of heartfelt vows, every detail reflected the pure connection shared by the couple. Surrounded by the warmth of friends and family, their special day unfolded with a magical touch. The Greenville Country Club, with its timeless elegance, served as the perfect backdrop for this celebration of love. The autumn colors painted a picturesque scene, enhancing the already enchanting atmosphere.

Greenville Country Club Wedding in Fall shot of Tower from the back. Photos by Jenifer Santo photography

Close up of invite layflat for wedding photography with fall themed decor with leaves and dusty purple colors.

Wedding shoes on lay flat with white ribbon

Groom's brown shoes and grey jacket on layflat with wedding rings in wooden box.

Bride looking down with hair and make up done before she gets into her dress.

Close up of bride with make up and hair down of her makeup before she gets her dress on

close up of groom putting on tie in a black and white photo, captured by Jenifer Santo Photography

A heartwarming moment captured in an Instagram engagement photo: A beaming mother gazes lovingly at her daughter, both dressed in wedding attire, as they share a tender moment through a mirror, holding hands and exchanging smiles.
Greenville Country Club Weddings, Jenifer Santo Photography

"Elegant table setting at a wedding hosted at Greenville Country Club. The round table is adorned with a gold vase filled with white and pink roses, creating a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere for the celebration.

"Close-up photo of a wedding signature drink sign, featuring images of a dog and cat, cherished pets of the couple. The sign reveals the signature drink named after the pets, adding a personal and heartwarming touch to the celebration."
Photographer Jenifer Santo

"Emotional moment captured at Greenville Country Club during a sunset wedding. The groom, visibly moved and shedding tears of joy, awaits his bride at the altar against the backdrop of the club's tower, creating a poignant and touching scene."

My FAV photos were taken in the tree line out back. Adorned with the vibrant hues of fall foliage in shades of yellows and oranges, it was PERFECTION and also bonus points....lots of fun for their cutie pie nephews tossing leaves. What truly set this wedding apart was the genuine joy radiating from Lexi, Joe, and their loved ones. Their sense of humor and kindness infused the event with an infectious energy, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

As the day progressed, it was evident that Lexi and Joe were not just starting a new chapter but embarking on a beautiful journey together. The weather cooperated, contributing to the overall perfection of the day, and every element fell seamlessly into place. A heartfelt congratulations to Lexi and Joe on this joyous occasion! Special thanks to the amazing vendors, including the Greenville Country Club and the talented Mike Simmons at Must Be the Music DJs, whose contributions added an extra layer of magic to this unforgettable day. In capturing the essence of Lexi and Joe's wedding, Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!

Venue: Greenville Country Club, Wilmington, Delaware.

Photography by Jenifer Santo Photography

DJ: Mike Simmons with Must be the Music

Bakery: Chef Michele Mitchell

Florist: Sweet peas of Jennersville 

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