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Rainy Day Wedding, here are some key tips!

When the forecast says rain on your wedding day, every couple goes into panic mode. I'm here to tell you do NOT let the weather control your day. In 2018, I shot 32 weddings in the rain that year. One thing I learned is that the most amazing and beautiful things come from the rain and I let go of the fear of a wet day. Yes, for sure the wedding you had in your mind is scratched and the maybe out door ceremony you had planned will now be indoors. We will for sure toss out all plans A, B, C & D and will be making things up as we go along. However, it will be magical. Every wedding from 2018 made my heart swoon. Here are some keys to success if the forecast is showing a less then favorable day on your wedding.

Bride and Groom under clear umbrella at night, after a rain storm in the back streets of New York City.
Photography by Jenifer Santo Photographer

First, hiring a great photographer and vendors, is absolutely KEY to success for every wedding, but especially when the weather does not go your way, it will take a village, so make sure you have an amazing village. I have watched so many vendors put on different hats throughout a day to help make sure the couple has the best and most amazing day possible.

Second, add what I like to call "buffer time" into your schedule. Even if it is not calling for rain, remember Murphy's Law, because anything can happen come game day. Having extra time already put into your timeline will allow you to enjoy your day so much more and when the weather does not go as planned, fear not we have extra time to work around it.

Next helpful hint if the forecast is showing rain, buy clear umbrellas. They are so much fun to use for props and we can get some amazing photos with them outside.

Forth tip, make sure when booking your ceremony and reception venue that there is a solid plan B. I cannot tell you how many times plan B for rain was a nightmare and not ideal at all. You may fall head over heals in love with a venue space for Plan A, but Plan B might be less then favorable, I would double think booking. A great alternative is having your ceremony at a church. Rain or shine it is a controlled environment and one less thing to worry about if the weather wants to act up.

Next, talk to your hair stylist about a back up hair style, in case of rain. Having your hair styled completely pinned up is a saving grace for rainy days. Even if this was not your original plan, your day will be a lot less stressful worrying about your hair becoming undone due to the rain or humidity. There have been so many rainy day weddings I have shot where we eventually had to come to terms with the weather and pin up the brides hair. Having a back up hair style is certainly a good Plan B and will help in the long run.

Last helpful tip for a rainy day wedding, just relax. There is literally nothing you can do. Do not let a little rain pull your focus away from the day and marrying your love. Life is going to toss you many curve balls and this is just one of the many. The best thing to do is to remember no matter what happens at the end of the day, you are married to the one who you will spend the rest of your days with and that right there is AMAZING and nothing can top that feeling. So, just smile and go with the flow and learn to play in the rain. You will look back on this day and I PROMISE you will not want to change a second.

Wedding party, in light pink dresses and black suits, using clear umbrellas to hide bride and groom kissing in a rain storm.
Photographer Jenifer Santo

Are you ready to turn your dream wedding into a reality? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’m Jenifer, a Traveling Wedding Photographer, Based out of Delaware. I love weddings and capturing all your special moments, little details and laughing and crying along with you. If you would like to chat more fill out the form below and I cannot wait to meet you!


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